Are you a foreign national who is sponsored by their common-law partner or spouse for Canadian permanent residence? In that case, you may be eligible for the open work permit. You need to apply for spousal sponsorship from within Canada via the inland spousal sponsorship process to apply for the open work permit. Of course, you need to meet all the eligibility criteria too to get approved for the permit successfully.

The process is undoubtedly hectic. But, once you obtain the work permit, there’s no looking back. Our team of consultants guides you through every stage of the process. We provide you with all the necessary knowledge equipment and insights required to get the permit hassle-free.

What Happens Once You Get Through The Work Permit Application?

Once you get through the work permit application successfully, you will be issued an open work permit which allows you to work for multiple employers anywhere in Canada. You can work while your permanent residency application is under processing.

The application procedure varies from person to person. It mainly varies depending on the stage of the applicant’s permanent residency application and the applicant’s status in Canada.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

You have to be a foreign national who has applied for permanent residency sponsorship from within Canada via the inland stream of the spousal sponsorship program. There are three types of application procedures:

  1. If you haven’t submitted your sponsorship application

You can submit your sponsorship, open work permit and permanent residence applications together in a single envelope.

  • If you have submitted the permanent residence application but did not receive your approval

You can submit the open work permit to the Case Processing Center in hard copy.

  • If your permanent residence application has been approved

You can submit the open work permit to the Case Processing Center in hard copy or online. Keeping track of these criteria can be confusing. Seek help from our eminent consultants and we will make the overall application procedure 10X easier for you.