The International Experience Canada or IEC is your pathway towards travelling and working in Canada. You can become a candidate in the International Experience Canada pools followed by applying for a work permit. In short, IEC provides an opportunity for the youth to travel and work in Canada. Whether you need help applying for IEC or any other information regarding IEC, our team of consultants is right here at your disposal. Before you connect with us, here are some essential pieces of information about IEC that you should know about.

What Is The IEC Program in Canada?

Young adults from all over the world can travel and work in Canada if they have the IEC Canada work permit. The purpose of these programs is to let young adults enter Canada and gain valuable knowledge along with experience in Canada.

There are three categories involved in the IEC program:

  • Working Holiday

This program of the IEC lets you acquire a work permit which will be valid for one or two years. You can also work anywhere in Canada and for any Canadian employer.

  • Young Professionals

This category lets individuals in different participating countries obtain experience by working for a Canadian company. The foreign worker will receive an employer-specific work permit under this category.

  • International Co-op

This category lets individuals from a post-secondary institution in their respective countries stay in Canada as an intern for a Canadian company. It is perfect for individuals who have a job offer in Canada and is required to complete their studies too. Active students at a post-secondary institution outside of Canada are also eligible for the program.

Why Choose Us? Western Immigration is here in case you want to opt for International Canada Experience Program. We will explain to you the eligibility criteria for each category in detail. We will also guide you through the entire process unless you get through the program successfully.