If you are foreign national planning to work in Canada, chances are you would want to acquire a closed work permit including or excluding Labour Market Impact Assessment. This is known as an Employer-specific work permit. It lets foreign nationals work as per the limitations or conditions on the work permit. The permit also restricts a foreign national to one employer. You will also be authorized to work for one employer and in one job role in Canada.

The overall application procedure for an employer-specific work permit is hectic. You may not have enough time to go through each stage of the process. Moreover, one trivial error can make your entire effort go down the drain. Why don’t you seek assistance from our consultants who are aware of the ins and outs of this permit? We will guide you through the process step by step thereby ensuring you can get hold of the permit hassle-free.

What Are The Limitations of Employer-Specific Work Permit?

You can work in Canada with an employer-specific work permit. But, it lets you work with one employer and in one designated position only. Some conditions on your work permit include:

  • The location where you can work in Canada
  • Name of the employer you can work for
  • The tenure of your work for the employer

Often Canadian employers handpick temporary foreign workers who can serve their specific needs. It limits the employee to one employer for a considerable time. However, it helps you come to Canada even if temporarily and acquire valuable Canadian work experience before applying for permanent residency.

How Can We Help?

Our consultants at Western Immigration provide you with detailed knowledge and insights related to the employer-specific work permit. With us by your side, you can acquire a work permit without having to invest a lot of your valuable time in it.