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Spousal sponsorship lets you sponsor your partner, spouse or dependent children. You can make them permanent residents in Canada through this program. Western Immigration has helped several people sponsor their families and settle in Canada over all these years. We know how this system works and guide you accordingly. Have a word with our professional consultants to know how you can support your loved ones in acquiring permanent residency in Canada.

Two points to remember before applying for this program:

  • Your spouse or children do not require social assistance from the Canadian Government.
  • You should be able to support them financially.

You can go ahead with the Spousal Sponsorship program only if you fulfill the criteria mentioned above. If you meet these requirements, we will make the rest of the application procedure as easy as a breeze for you.

Who Can Sponsor?

You can sponsor your loved ones if:

  • You are over 18 years old.
  • You are a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You have proof that you do not receive any social assistance from the government.
  • You have the financial stability to provide your spouse or children with at least the basic necessities.

Whom Can You Sponsor?

Here’s who can be sponsored irrespective of gender:

  • Anyone over 18 years old
  • Dependent children
  • Legally married couple

The criteria for applying for the Spousal Sponsorship program are confusing. But, you needn’t have to worry about a thing since our team is here at your disposal.

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From providing you with essential insights to reducing the processing time, our team at Western Immigration is here to make things easier for you. Have a word with our team to know more about Spousal Sponsorship and whether you are eligible to apply or not.