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As the name suggests, the Parents Grandparents Sponsorship program lets you sponsor your parents and grandparents thereby helping them stay with you in Canada. The program opens once a year. Citizens and permanent residents of Canada get to sponsor their parents and grandparents to come and stay in Canada.

Getting through this sponsorship program isn’t an easy feat. There are piles of paperwork to handle, documentation to gather and eligibility criteria to meet. One trivial mistake can shatter your dream of welcoming your loved ones to stay in Canada. So, it is always better to seek assistance from experts such as our team at Western Immigration. We have been in this industry for over 10 years. This experience has helped us serve a wide variety of immigrants and make their Canadian dream come true.

How Does The Parents and Grandparents Program Work?

Our clients usually have queries about how this sponsorship works. So, here you go.

Here are the basic steps involved in the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship work:

Step 1

You need to submit an interest to sponsor form IF you meet all the eligibility criteria.

Step 2

The concerned department then reviews the form submissions to remove any duplicates.

Step 3

You will be provided with a deadline for submitting the application package.

The problem is filling up the form isn’t that easy. One petty error can reject your form and your opportunity to welcome your parents and grandparents to Canada.

Contact Western Immigration For Further Queries

We have a separate department to take care of the Parents and Grandparents Sponsor program. So, whether you want any relevant information or thorough assistance to get through this program, we are here at your disposal. Book your appointment today with certified and qualified immigration consultants at Western Immigration.