Work permit extensions are required when your work permit is about to expire or you need to change it for some reason. You need to extend the permit or change the conditions included. It is usually recommended to apply for the extension at least 30 days before the expiry date of the work permit. Check the expiry date on your passport because you cannot extend the work permit beyond the passport’s expiry date. Also, you will be legally allowed to stay in Canada if you apply for the extension before the permit expires.

Applying for a work permit extension isn’t an easy process. But, we will make it easy with our unmatched quality assistance. Our immigration consultants will explain the entire process and guide you in a way that you will get the extension done right on time.

Few Points To Keep In Mind While Extending Your Stay As A Worker

Our consultants have shared a few important tips that will help you get the extension done of your work permit quite easily. For instance,

  • You can stay in Canada even if you apply for another work permit as long as you meet the conditions of the original work permit.
  • You can also stay in Canada if your permit expires after you have submitted it for an extension.
  • If you apply for different permits, you will not be allowed to do any other activities as per the original work permit.

Eligibility Criteria For Work Permit Extension

You can request an extension if:

  • You apply for a new work permit before the existing one expires.
  • Your employer gets a new labour market opinion.
  • You have submitted the application before the expiration of the current work permit.
  • Both you and your employer have signed a new employer and employee contract.

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