Usually, you are required to show any one of the following documents to travel to Canada for the first time:

  • A visitor visa
  • A valid passport
  • An electronic travel authorization

Now the visitor visa has a specific expiry date which indicates your time in Canada is over. However, you can always extend your stay as a visitor in Canada by applying for a visitor record.

The visitor record is a document that lets you stay longer in Canada by giving you the status as a visitor in Canada. It provides you with a new expiry date and that is when you are expected to leave Canada.

Our team at Western Immigration is here to help you apply for the visitor record and extend your stay as a visitor in Canada. We will explain the entire process to you. Also, our team will assist you through every step unless you get the extension done.

Connect With The Professionals At Western Immigration

Our team at Western Immigration provides you with thorough assistance in filling up the visa extension form. We leave no stones unturned to make the overall visitor visa extension process simpler and quicker for you. We cater to visitors planning to travel to Canada for a short period of time. The visitors may want to engage in tourist activities like sightseeing or getting medical treatment. No matter what your purpose is, our team will help you get a visitor visa and extend the stay in case the visa is about to expire.