Canada is the #1 place when it comes to pursuing higher education. The education system is great. There are great employment opportunities too after you have graduated. And most importantly, students from any part of the world can travel to Canada, study their favourite courses and live their Canadian dreams. The problem begins when the study permit is about to expire or has expired already. The process involved in extending the permit isn’t easy. From complex documentation to hefty paperwork, the process can take forever.

That is where our team at Western Immigration comes into play. We not only help you draft the perfect application but also guide you through all the steps.

Why Opt For Our Assistance For Study Permit Extension?

We have handpicked some of the most qualified and experienced consultants to help you with the study permit extension. Our team works hard to make your dream of studying in Canada possible. The benefits of seeking our assistance are:

  • No delays
  • Thorough guidance
  • Less or no paperwork
  • Easy documentation
  • No chances of application rejection

You may not be able to continue your studies if the study permit expires before you have applied for an extension. So, keep a tab on the expiry date. Get in touch as the expiry date approaches nearer. We will arrange the extension of the permit for you.