Postgraduate work permit caters to students who have graduated from legitimate Canadian Designated Learning Institutions or DLIs. It helps you acquire an open work permit which lets you gain valuable work experience in Canada. The process involved in applying for the work permit or extending the permit is anything but easy. What if we help you throughout the process and make it 10X easier for you? The team at Western Immigration provides you with all the explanations and details required to get through the application process successfully.

Get A Step Closer To Your Post Graduate Work Permit

The postgraduate work permit is now a buzzword among students from all over the world. The permit after all can be your ticket to acquiring permanent residency in Canada. The post-graduation work permit or PGWPP provides you with an opportunity to gain skilled Canadian work experience. Once you have the experience, you will be allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

How Can Western Immigration Help?

Students often have tons of questions before applying for the PGWPP. Which are the most important documents required for the process? How long does it take? What if you get one step wrong? The easiest way to apply and qualify for a post-graduate work permit is by getting in touch with Western Immigration.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Smooth documentation

We will let you know about all the documents necessary for you to qualify for the post-graduate work permit. The documents include an official transcript, an official letter from your school, etc.

  • Faster processing time

You needn’t have to worry about the processing time since our team knows the trick of making it quicker.

  • Thorough guidance

You may encounter different challenges while applying for the permit. But, our thorough guidance ensures that you beat all odds easily.