Canada is one of the most inclusive countries in the world. Its adoption of multiculturalism paired with an amazing education and work opportunities make Canada a favourite destination for immigrants. The Canadian citizenship applications make it possible for you to settle, live, study or work in Canada. From political rights to dual citizenship, citizenship applications can provide you with a wide slew of benefits.

The problem however is that the application process isn’t an easy feat. You may have to invest quite a considerable amount of time to get it done thereby losing focus from the big picture. Our team at Western Immigration can help you get through the process without the stress and hassle. We will help you with the paperwork, documentation and the rest of the application process thoroughly.

Why Opt For Citizenship Applications?

We often have clients who have a basic idea of citizenship applications but do not know the actual benefits. So, our team has listed down some of the popular benefits of Canadian citizenship applications:

  • Dual citizenship

You don’t have to choose between the citizenship of your native country and Canadian citizenship. It is completely your choice.

  • Political rights

You get the right to vote in municipal, provincial and federal elections. The citizenship application lets you take part in political activities.

  • Right of employment

Most jobs at the federal level require a high-level security clearance which is possessed by only Canadian citizens.

  • Access to passport

You will have access to an easily renewable passport which you can use to travel to many countries.

Now that you know the benefits of Canadian citizenship applications, it’s time for you to begin the procedure. Our team at Western Immigration will guide you through every stage of the entire process. We will make sure you get approved for the citizenship application without any trouble.